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Allow me to (re)introduce myself!

I've had quite a few new members join my online group recently and I though it would be a great time to reintroduce myself as your favorite, friendly neighborhood (and beyond) esthetician. ☺️ I am Bri Nejad and I am a lover of all things beauty- I have been active in skincare since my early 20's (I am now 43). I am a mom of 2 awesome boys, Oliver is 13 and Gus is 8. I also have a love of basset hounds- our 85 lbs basset hunk is named Arthur. And my husband Mark and I are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage this year. I grew up and lived in Alaska for 31 years and have since lived in 2 other states and have studied abroad several years in Europe. In addition to my passion for skincare, my other great interest is in travel and exploring the world, often combining my love of skincare with travel and investing in overseas skin training and learning about cultural based products to bring home and incorporate in my skincare practice.

I started my career in esthetics in Anchorage, Alaska, working 7 years at a high end European-leaning luxury spa (voted top 5 in the nation in 2008 by Day Spa Magazine it was a well-known spa) and then, following a move with my husbands company, I worked at a popular medical based spa in Omaha, Nebraska for several years. While happy with my positions, I never truly felt that following rigid set protocols in skincare produced results or happy clients. Thus, born out of need, I created and have operated The Unique Skincare Boutique LLC since 2012. I started The USB in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to SE Aurora, CO (a suburb of Denver) in 2015. I have grown my beautiful little home-based studio into a thriving and busy business with some of the best clients in the world (I may be biased) and I still even get to help clients in both Alaska and Nebraska virtually. I am so grateful to know each and every one of my beautiful clients- thank you for trusting me with your skin! If you're new to me, please reach out, I would love to meet you and be your "skincare person" and help you with your own skin journey.

In my practice I take my education and experience as well hand-picked professional skincare and apply a realistic and balanced approach to skin. I align most often with corneotherapeutic methods (i.e. nutrient dense and barrier restoring skincare) but at times find a need to incorporate older tech, or tried and true skincare approaches as well. I feel that each individual skin (type, need, goals) is unique and will require its own unique approach and as a skincare professional we need to think outside the box for truly beautiful, healthy skin. I particularly specialize in treating inflammatory conditions of the skin, like acne, rosacea and inflame-aging (aging) and love to educate people on why harsh, medicated skincare isn't necessary. Skin health is incredibly important to slowing aging down and is often time very overlooked in my industry fueled by a need for quick results (which is often just inflammation causing further harm). I also focus on treating aging with a pragmatic, safe, but results-oriented approach. So often in the United States we are inundated with social media and societal pressures that we just aren't allowed to show signs of aging, often leading to unhealthy skincare practices that may even accelerate the aging process. I'm here to tell my clients that we can absolutely slow the aging process down gracefully and feel confident in our skin at any age. If that aligns with your philosophies- I'm here to help!

Since homecare is so important to skin health, I carry 10+ professional skincare lines in my spa and have cherry picked each one for efficacy and safety. I don't carry any line in its entirety but each product I choose to sell has been personally vetted by me. I offer 25-30 hours a week of spa hours weekly for in studio treatments and waxing services.

In addition to my packed treatment schedule, I am focusing this year on developing a new online platform where I will be available set days for online consultations for clients anywhere in the world and focusing on sharing professional, easy to understand, skincare advice to those who seek it. So often on social media, I see well-meaning but terrible skincare advice from fellow moms, friends, strangers etc. in womens groups that have no skincare experience or education. I understand the need to ask these questions, because skin and skincare are SO complicated! But often the advice I see may be harmful and counter productive to goals. I often don't chime in on social media posts (because most of the time it's futile amongst a ton of other comments and even often considered "unwanted solicitation" most of the time). However, I feel like it's time to offer a more realistic professional platform for skin advice from someone with over 2 decades of licensed, professional skincare experience. As a skincare professional, I am realistic, safety oriented (you certainly won't be burning off your face over here), pragmatic, well educated on products and skin, and also very aware that in the real world we often need simple and maybe even budget friendly options for our best skin. If that seems like your cup of tea- please reach out for an online consultation! And stay tuned for some new updates to my online platform by summer '24.

Welcome to Unique Skincare Boutique!

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