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Covid Safety Precautions and your Spa Appointment

Here is a post explaining the covid precautions and safety rules that I will be requiring with your upcoming spa appointments. I follow all state, county, DORA, and health department regulations.

I kindly ask that you:

-Adhere to the posted rules (see below)

-Fill out this covid questionnaire/consent form at least 24 hours prior to your appointment: (it also should be emailed to you 48 hours prior to your appointment time).

(I will also verbally ask you these same questions prior to you entering my spa. Please understand that if you answer any “yes” questions or have a fever above 99 degrees at the time of your appointment I cannot allow you in).

-I ask that you please cancel/reschedule appointments immediately if there is: -anyone who has been asked to quarantined in your home within 14 days of your appointment. -anyone who you have in your home or in which you have had close contact with for more than 15 minutes that currently has an illness (and is symptomatic) or who has tested positive for the flu or Covid-19. -if you, yourself exhibit ANY symptoms of illness (headache, cough, fatigue, sore throat, congestion, stomach issues, etc). Even if you are certain it’s just a cold or allergy I ask that we reschedule you. -And new- if you have been in any “covid risky” situations within 14 days, including traveling out of state, conferences/concerts/groups with more than 50 people, or any assumed exposure to Covid, we will need to reschedule you. If you know you’ll be traveling out of state or attending a large gathering in advance please let me know and I’ll gladly reschedule you after that 14 day period. If in doubt, please reach out


I’ll meet you at the door to ask you if you’ve filled out the required form and to take your temperature.

please come up to the porch to wait at the time of your appointment. Note that I may be a minute or two late as I clean between appointments (I’ll do my very best to be on time).

I’ll have the door locked between each client to assure the waiting room is closed. You’re welcome to hang out on the porch swing or patio set, there are seats for 3 people. Please keep a distance of 6 feet if there are other people waiting which will be unlikely.

Please wear a face covering/mask, take off your shoes just before coming in (I have a shoe tray for you on the porch).

I ask that you wash hands or use provided hand sanitizer immediately upon entry. as much as I love seeing your kids, unless they are getting a service at the same time please come solo.

Things I am doing to mitigate covid risks and keep you safe:

-cracked window for ventilation -hepa germ guardian air purifier next to the bed -adherence to state mandated screenings and covid rules at all times -increased sanitation and disinfection. -I wear a mask and face shield during your appointment -screening all clients for covid risks

Thank you for complying with all posted rules and canceling when you're at risk! Together we can keep us all safe.

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