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All facials are 100% customizable at the Unique Skincare Boutique. All facials are based on your preferences and skins unique needs. This takes away the doubt of which facial to book! To get started please simply book a customizable facial at your desired time length. (Online booking linked below).

I pride myself in tailoring each part of your facial experience to your unique need. I will use my education, professional grade quality products, your preferences, advanced machines and technique to tailor your facial directly to you. Rarely is a facial ever the same at The Unique Skincare Boutique as with each season or passing day our skins needs may change. Because they are completely unique, my  customized treatments are unparalleled. 

Unique Customized Facials:

30 minutes (includes peels) | $119

45 minutes: $139

*60 minutes | $165

  *90 minutes | $225

*Ultimate Luxe 1 hr. 45 min $295

*Includes choice of eye, lip, neck or scalp treatment

**Facial times may include time outside of service for changing, cleaning, and set up.

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Skincare specialties:

Your facial may include a combination of: 

Seasonal themed facials (My Favorite!) : 

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Roccoco Botanicals Customized Facial (Dermal Lift, Ayurvedic brightening, and Keratozyme Express+): 

Custom Acne Treatments 


Gua Sha and Advanced facial massage 

Leaf Microchanneling and Electroporation

Glymed Dermasound treatments and sonophoresis 

Galvanic treatments

High frequency spot reduction

Tama Advanced Microcurrent and Mitama Treatments

Nano Needling Facials

Celluma LED photon facials

Featuring some of the best professional skincare from around the globe- Australian, Korean, American and European brands. I often take advanced trainings across the globe.

*New* Oxygen-eo Facial: 

Bringing nutrient rich o2 into the tissues of the skin to immediately brighten and rejuvenate. 

Vitamin C 45 min treatments


Circadia or Image O2 treatments 


+ Many more Advanced Skincare Modalities- My product selection and machine offerings change frequently. Please inquire! 

Add on services available: 

Choose from eye, neck, or lip for $15 each, or a scalp treatment for $12

Advanced Treatments:

Microneedling with AnteAGE growth factors(<.5mm):

$289 per treatment including minimum home care/travel kit or product credit.

Without product $265

ULTIMATE LUXE facial service- includes LED, Microcurrent, Nano infusion, neck and eye treatment, scalp treatment and speciality products/massage) $295

Circadia Swich tightening treatments $200. Using pyruvic acid to encourage collagen and skin tightening without the downtime and wound healing response.


Electrodessication spot removal (cherry angiomas): $70 for 10 minutes 

Skin Consultations:

In Person: 60 min:$89

30 min: $60

20 min: $50

60 min including mini treatment: $139

Virtual: 20 min $40

See Skin Consultations tab for more information and link to pap

Contact Me

Please contact me for a consultation.

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