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Conceal & Correct Powders in Peach.

Mineral powder concealer in shade peach for brightening the under eye area and also concealing dark spots. Unlike liquid concealers that can smudge, crease and migrate, our Conceal & Correct Powders don't budge and don't crease. These unique powders can be used dry or wet.

These powders are CONCENTRATED, so a little goes a long way! You can always add more if you need to, but you can't take it away if you start with too much.

To apply: stipple/pat the powder onto the skin. Do not swipe back and forth! Be gentle around the eye area.

Conceal & Correct Powders can be used alone or over foundation.

Peach is best for light to medium skin tones. Sienna is best for deep to dark skin tones.

Priia peach under eye concealer

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