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Caress your skin in softness with this gentle foaming hydrating cleanser.  Enriched with phospholipids and linoleic acid, both of which are essential fatty acids vital for a healthy skin.  Fruit Gel Wash helps soothe irritated skins, increasing the hydration level immediately.

Natural fruit acids gently exfoliate your skin, with zero irritation.  Skin is smoothed and cellular turnover is increased to reduce dullness and increase the vibrancy of your skin.  Skin is brighter and the look of discolouration is reduced.

Gentle plant-based surfactants leave your skin feeling clean without feeling stripped or dry like traditional foaming cleansers.  Containing an amino acid blend including glycine, proline and arginine; which are known for their requirement for the formation of collagen production. These amino acids aid hydration of the skin and the elasticity of the skin.

Perfect for oily, pigmented, teens and those that prefer a gel consistency. Can also be used for decolletage and back acne concerns.

Acne safe.


Roccoco Fruit Gel Wash

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