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Just when you thought your skin couldn’t feel any softer, experience skin so soft it feels like baby skin…..Introducing our NEW Hydrating Treatment Essence. Providing up to 72 hours of sustained hydration, it is the ultimate skin rescuer for long haul flights and cold weather.  This spray has the ability to repair the skin barrier completely, without the use of a moisturiser or serums, making it ideal for dry scalps as well as mens beards.  Safe for acne prone skins who just need a boost in hydration, with the added benefit of being a powerful catalyst for wound repair. Stimulating collagen up to a massive 600%, making it the ultimate treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Acne safe



Pro Tip: Applying an essence prior to a serum decreases the amount of serum you need to apply. This can be a big money saver! 

Roccoco Hydrating Treatment Essence

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