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Introducing Viktoria Deann to The Unique Skincare Boutique. Viktoria Deann is a medical grade peptide line that is well known and loved by the professional esthetics world. I brought VDA into my spa in 2019 after researching the most effective treatments for slowing the aging process. Peptides are a powerful ingredient in quality skin care and can be a huge boost to existing skincare routines as they treat a multitude of concerns. VDA has the highest quality peptides available. 


Due to the unique nature of Viktoria Deann Peptides, they are not allowed to be sold online. These peptides are sold only by educated and licensed skin specialists. If you would like to know more about the peptides or to purchase- please contact me directly and I'm happy to ship them or arrange product pick up.


Here is some more information and prices on the VDA line that I carry in the spa: 


Lift Kits ($195-$230 depending on the strength)

Mild, Medium, or Ultra

Lift Kits include the perfect combination of targeted anti-aging peptides.  In this kit you will receive a Pepti-lift and Pepti-tone which help provide the proper skin tension and tone to tighten skin back to a more youthful appearance.  While Eye serum’s powerful UET-3 peptide aim to eliminate puffiness and dark circles under the eye.  Finally Rejuvenator’s peptides support a proper cell turnover to bring healthy new vibrant cells to the surface and provide a totally new lifted healthy look.  Remember there are three strengths of Rejuvenator in the Series (Mild, Regular, or Ultra) and each kit contains one of these options.  You should consult your skin care professional to advise you on which strength will be best for your skin.




Eye Peptide: $58

Under Eye Serum’s UET-3 peptide complex penetrates quickly and helps to brighten and firm the delicate skin of the eye area. The signs of aging (stress, puffiness, and dark circles) are reduced to improve the appearance of the skin. Acting as an antioxidant and optimizing hydration, green tea extract and soluble collagen are complimentary actives to the UET-3 peptide complex.


PEPTI-elastin ($70) assists in improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin specifically in areas of the face, neck, decollate, back of hands and arms. As the counterpart of collagen, elastin is essential for the skin’s resiliency and shapeliness. This unique peptide assists in improving the skin’s supportive structure to promote tighter and healthier-looking skin. Use in combination with PEPTI pro-col for best results. Suggested use is twice a day at morning and night.


PEPTI-hyaluronic ($70)

Aging skin loses its ability to maintain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin resulting in lines, wrinkles, and lack of plumpness. Our expert scientists have formulated a unique sequencing of peptides and nutrients to assist in re-establishing hyaluronic acid to restore hydration and suppleness to the skin’s appearance. After several applications, skin can become more hydrated and give the appearance of softer, smoother, plumper-looking skin.


PEPTI-Lift ($70)

A face-lifting serum scientifically formulated to provide peptides to restore youthful skin tension. Applied to the face, arm, or decolletage, to lift and re-establish your natural youthful appearance. Results demonstrate 5-10 years younger anti-aging.


PEPTI-Tone ($70)

Viktoria De Ann’s answer to the costly injected ‘toxin base’ treatments — and without the pain and complications.


PEPTI-Repair ($65)

Formulated to signal programmed accelerated repair and restructuring of damaged skin.


PEPTI-ProCol ($65)

Scientifically formulated to promote the repair, replacement and restructuring of collagen. Normally used in combination with Pepti-Lift.


PEPTI-Acne ($40)

A multiple blend of synergistic amino acid complexes to quiet quorum signaling of bacteria. The perfect complement to your skins natural biological defenses.


PEPTI-Correct Hp ($75)

Targeting hyper-pigmentation at its core, PEPTI-correct Hp can address pigmentation caused by sun damage, photo-aging, melasma, or post acne. The active and key ingredients of Oligopeptide-Hp combined with unique chelators and anti-oxidants provide a powerful tool to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations without using harsh surface bleaching agents that cause skin inflammation. After approximately 6 weeks of use, the appearance of skin discolorations and dark spots begin to diminish beginning at its core and progressing to the edges with continual fading over time.


PEPTI-Pad ($60)

PEPTI-pad is a unique peptide designed by our expert chemists to assist in re-building the dermal cushion using a specially formulated combination of peptides and nutrients to help restore skin’s thickness and suppleness. After continued use, skin will appear to be plumper and more youthful.


Rejuvenators (Mild $52, Medium $62, Ultra $70)

Rejuvenator series is fortified with a powerful restorative RNF-1 peptide; providing professionals with an exceptional product amplifying the client’s or patients visible results. Our RNF-1 peptide is scientifically designed to initiate cellular responses of repair and regeneration, targeting growth layers of the skin. Rejuvenator is formulated in three strengths to accommodate various levels of skin health. When beginning the Rejuvenator treatment one should always start with the Mild strength due to the highly active RNF-1 peptide and move up only when directed by your skin care professional.



PEPTI-nano Mask intensely hydrates and helps transfer active peptide serums during treatment to amplify results.  Each mask is produced naturally from pure microbial cellulose, unlike the thicker, coarse cotton masks. 


Day Moisturizer $40

A smooth, rich lotion that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration. The therapeutic properties of whole-leaf organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help to protect the skin from damaging free radicals and environmental assaults. Day Moisturizer assists in restoring the skin, waking up to a fresher and healthier appearance.


Night Moisturizer $40

This silky, age-defying Night moisturizer will help soften, soothe and hydrate the skin throughout the night. Superior phyto-moisture builders Allantoin and Corylus Avellana extract help reinforce, re-hydrate and renew skin elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Active ingredients promote antioxidant protection, leaving the skin amazingly smooth, supple and visibly vibrant.


Collagen Gel $50

Collagen Gel is a delicately textured hydrating gel providing a unique blend of natural water-soluble Collagen for visibly tighter skin.


Purifying Cleanser $28

This water-soluble, sulfate-free, deep penetrating foaming cleanser gently lifts make-up and impurities from the skin, without removing essential lipids required to remain healthy and hydrated. Purifying Cleanser can improve the penetration of sequential treatments used in your professional’s applications as well as home usage. Incorporation of Vitamin C in Purifying Cleanser helps neutralize destructive free radicals and delivers deep-pore cleansing to reveal natural smooth skin.

Viktoria Deann Cosmeceutical Peptides- online shopping is not allowed please

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