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One of my girlfriends the other day asked, “do people wax when they aren’t going on vacation”? And after my incredulity, I answered, “OF COURSE”! Then, I decided it was about time to blog about this apparently underrated form of hair removal.
You’ve heard the old wives' tales about hair removal, “if you remove hair, it will grow back darker and thicker”, “waxing makes hair stop growing”, etc.  Common knowledge on waxing is so contradictory! The truth is that waxing has been around for ages and for good reason: it’s awesome! Waxing is one of the most effective forms of semi-permanent hair removal out there.
What’s true about waxing?
Waxing is pretty simple in concept. You pour warm wax over the skin and hair and then pull it off. Sounds painful (and I won’t lie your first brazillian is no picnic), but it really isn’t bad. Typically it’s only your first few waxes that sting as you and your hair follicles adjust pretty quickly. Plus, can you imagine plucking those hairs out individually? YOWCH!
Another amazing benefit is that waxing is quick, efficient, and eliminates all forms of hair, AKA the fast fuzz fighter! It’s also pleasantly exfoliating (a great skin benefit). Furthermore, it does in fact actually permanently stunt the hair growth by destroying the hair follicle. Over time your hair will actually stop growing back in. While we are waiting for that magic, the hair that does grow back in is lighter, finer, and thinner (thanks to damaged hair follicles). Lastly, waxing lasts WEEKS longer than shaving with less irritation (YAY!).
How long does my wax last?
Depends on the area and your rate of hair growth. Most facial and brow waxing should be done every 2-3 weeks whereas body waxing (legs, bikini+) can be maintained every 3-6 weeks.
How should I prepare for a wax?
With body hair, it’s recommended to exfoliate the skin prior to waxing and during the re-growth process.  Also, it’s best to trim the hair to a 1/4"  - 1/2". This insures a less painful experience.
Also, some spas (including mine) have a numbing spray available so if you are concerned with pain this option is for you. Taking an ibuprofen a half hour prior to your appointment can lessen redness and prevent some of the discomfort during treatment.
Who is not a good candidate for waxing?
Those who are taking prescription retinols or are receiving chemical peels are not good waxing candidates.  Also, certain prescription drugs (including Antibiotics) can cause the skin to be too thin. Consult your doctor with concerns.
It is fine to wax while pregnant or nursing. Just make sure your esthetician is well-qualified as skin can be a little more sensitive.
When should you get a wax?
Anytime! However, if it’s your first wax please plan it days prior to any big event. It is also best to wax regularly. The more consistent you are, the less painful and the more effective the removal process is. Plus, the more you wax the more permanent the results.
Questions? Please feel free to ask away. My email is


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