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Fall Skin Y'all!

It's (almost) Fall Y'all!

I know you're all planning your Fall skincare shopping for the sale on Saturday (9/25/21), so let's talk skincare needs in the autumn months!

Should you switch up your homecare seasonally? Well, yes, sometimes you should! Read on as to the why's, who's and how's.

Fall Skincare:

During the autumn months we want to switch gears from protectingthe skin from the summer sun and mitigating summer's heat and UV rays to more of a corrective phase for our skin. In the summer we use a LOT of products that are antioxidant rich to combat our more active outdoor lifestyle (vitamin C, etc.). For summer skin, we also use more water based vs oil rich ingredients in our moisturizers. I also usually suggest a ton of tyrosinase inhibiting products in the summer (fancy word for melanin or pigmentation suppression) and plenty of icing to prevent pigment from forming. Sunscreen is a 365 thing here in Colorado, so that doesn't change, however you may be able to limit that reapplication a little in the fall.

In the autumn months we can begin erasing some of our summer skin woes and begin to correct some of that incidental pigmentation and congestion we may have accumulated in the summer. Furthermore, one unique attribute to fall skin is that our androgen hormones naturally tend to ramp up in the autumn months. This means an oiler skin type which may accompany an increase in breakouts and inflammatory skin issues. It's due to a type of natural circadian rythym that our skin has, so autumn months can often mean more oil. While sometimes this is a good thing, especially for my dry skinned clients (I usually don't suggest as many changes for this skin type), for those of us that are acne prone or have inflammatory skin conditions we may need to change a few things up in our routines.

Not everyone must change up their routine seasonally, especially if there are no specific new concerns. If you are concerned or want to focus on a new or unresolved issue, I'm happy to suggest a new routine for you.

However, generally here are a few products to consider specifically for fall skin.

For Pigmented Skin:

I highly suggested a slightly more aggressive approach beginning mid fall. Using highly concentrated active ingredients for pigmentation will be most beneficial in fall and winter. I also am happy to push exfoliation a bit more to most of my clients:

For my corneotherepeutic clients I love these two products:




For my acne clients concerned with pigmentation it may be time for a retinaldehyde or vitamin A like this:


For pigmentation clients who we've decided on a few gentle peels these guys are great prep for your in spa treatment:




For Acne prone skin with an increase in sebum or congestion:

It may be time to try a mattifying moisturizer. My favorite sebum balancing moisturizer is this guy: