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Top 2024 skin resolutions!

Hope your new year is starting off so great! If your like me a new year means new skin goals. ❤️

A few “new years resolutions” to consider:

1- Sunscreen 365 days a year should be your very most ultimate goal in 2024. Since we know 80% of aging may be attributed to the daily accumulation of the suns rays absolutely nothing is more important. Also we should be wearing daily spf to prevent many types of skin cancer- so think of this goal as a health improvement plus skin goal resolution!

Top choices:

2- Consider “advanced class” skincare. Add in a fantastic weekly mask, a md grade LED device, home micro needling kit, and/or microcurrent to put your absolute best food forward. Want to excel do all 4!!

Not sure which one is best for you? Please ask me!

Top choices:

3- Don’t forget to support that skin barrier. Particularly in dry Colorado we must have adequate and properly formulated moisturizing products to rebuild and support our lipid barrier. Simply put, moisturizer is not a step we can skip- ever! An impaired barrier leads to many skin conditions but ultimately will greatly accelerate aging- no thanks!

Top choice:

4- Eat pretty! Take care of your body, to take care of your skin. Our skin is our largest organ and it needs proper nutrients to be healthy and gorgeous. Add in colorful fruits and veggies for antioxidant support and lots of protein and healthy fats for optimum skin health! Taking a well formulated fish oil can greatly increase hydration in the skin, reduce acne and environmental damage to the skin and provide anti inflammatory benefits as well.

Top supplement choice:

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