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Frown lines? Not into Botox? I have solutions!

I get this question regularly. What can I do for frown lines when I'm not interested in Botox? Well... Let me help! As you know I've taken my own face far away from scary injectables like botox in the last year or two. Unfortunately, when it comes to injecting the botox toxin into our faces there are just too many potential long term consequences both health-wise and esthetically to make Botox worth it anymore for me. I just can't "unknow" what I know now as much as I've liked it in the past. But here is what you can (safely) do to battle those lines:

  1. Microcurrent- In spa, at home, or even better yet a combination of both. Microcurrent simultaneously smooths and lengthens the muscles that we over use (like a frown line) AND stimulates the muscles surrounding said muscle to firm up and tighten (like intense exercise). It also improves skin tone by speeding up cellular metabolism (bonus!).

  2. Peptides! Especially medical grade peptides that focus on firming. Peptides are protein messengers that in effect tell our skin (and even muscle cells) to do what they are telling them to. My favorite in this case is the Pepti-lift serum by Viktoria Deann Peptides. ($70)

  3. HYDRATE! Like a raisin in water, let's plump it up. Proper hydration will absolutely prevent and immediately decrease the appearance of lines.

  4. Favorite topical serum for deep wrinkles: Roccoco's Cell Defense ($129). This miracle of a serum has a really cool ingredient in it (Synake) that actually acts as a safe alternative/topical botox by smoothing lines. Results can be seen in a matter of days to weeks. Bonus is that it's chock full of a multitude of other skin benefitting ingredients (vitamin C, hydration, etc) that will slow the aging process.

  5. And I know this is a hard ask but I am just being honest here.... you need to try to reduce the motion you are doing to produce that wrinkle. For example, Are you mushing your face into a pillow overnight and notice a deep crease on your cheek? Or when you look in the mirror are you raising your eye brows sky high(I do this!)? Or are you finding yourself pursing your lips when you're deep in thought? To battle these lines, we've got to work on stopping these excessive motions. Just do better, that's all I ask.

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