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I'm a (pro-product) cherry picker and here's why:

I've been in the professional skincare world for well over a decade and when I say that there is no professional product line that ticks all my boxes I am not over-exaggerating. This is why I carry over 9 professional product lines at the Unique Skincare Boutique, which even by most spa standards is a bit excessive. But.... I need them ALL! Each line and product choice from within those lines I have chosen to retail to you for a specific reason. There are a multitude of skin concerns, skin types, skin conditions, and products out there and one size most certainly does not fit all. Until I create my own formulations ( dream!) I will continue to cherry pick individual products from professional lines that I think will work the absolute best to treat that skin's particular need.

What's more is that I do not think it is necessary to follow one complete line for home care. It's typically a marketing approach that makes one feel like they need to use a "system" for their home skincare needs. It's just not true. However, staying true to a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and spf is important. But... we don't have to stay within the confines of one product line. Let me do the work for you and determine what choices your skin needs!

Did you know I offer complete home consultations via phone or FaceTime? If you need professional help determine what your skin needs, I'm here for you!

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