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I've got you! (....even though I'm closed for facials)

It's no secret that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, which makes getting and giving facials a little less than safe. So, w

hat can you do to work towards your skin goals while The USB is closed to facials?

Well I’ll tell ya....There are plenty of things we can accomplish remotely until I open back up to all unmasked appointments. (Note: I’m still not yet sure when I’m open to scheduling those yet , I’m planning on playing it safe while anxiously awaiting more vaccine for our community). I promise I’ll announce here when I’m open to scheduling them- I miss them too (so much) but we have plenty of time (after it’s safe) to conquer those goals!

Facial kits- these are mostly the exact same products I would use in spa, pro grade back bar and 100% customized to you.

Microcurrent! I still have 7 of these NuFACE in inventory at the special limited edition price ($299). Definitely a wonderful investment for your skins health to battle/reverse aging especially with professional facials on the back burner for now. 5 minutes a day to speed up cellular metabolism, ATP, and move stagnant lymph.

LED light therapy! Lightstim or I have a rental celluma panel. Red light therapy stimulates fibroblast activity (collagen) by up to 500%! Used in space by nasa to grow plants and keep astronauts healthy this is a great boost.

Focus in on that daily routine! And touch base with me if there are any holes we need to fill in the meantime. Do you need a hydrating mask for winter? A water based gel for pure hydration? Let’s chat!

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