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My morning Microcurrent Routine!

By now we all know the benefits of adding Microcurrent to your skincare routine but I'm still getting a lot of questions on how to incorporate it into your daily routine. Ideally you'd use Microcurrent once a day, for my skin I usually choose morning. I choose morning because Microcurrent causes an immediate lift to the skin that I want other people to notice (:. I also like it to de-puff my eye area from stagnant lymph so my area looks more refreshed. However, if you only have time in the evening do not fear, you're still working to turn back the hands of time.

Here is my morning Microcurrent routine:

First step:

cleanse with my favorite cleanser (I use pore cleansing pm or soothing cleansing oil am from Roccoco because I think it’s worth its weight in gold). Yes the nuface video says to not use an oil cleanser but if it’s a properly formulated one (with surfactants) it’s perfectly fine!

Second step:

apply toner or essence

Third step:

Layer on my VDA peptides. Today I used pro-col, lift, pro elastin, and youth 2000 neck peptide. These are all medical grade peptides in a pure water base and are 100% great under Microcurrent. In fact the Microcurrent will work to penetrate them even further than just topical application😀. It is best to wait to apply most serums (as most are not water based) until after Microcurrent, but the VDA peptides are a perfect addition. I apply them to every Microcurrent appointment in the spa to boost results.

Fourth step:

Apply Hydrabalance gel (or for some of you nuface primer/SS light aloe gel) as a conductor. You must use a hydrating conductor with any Microcurrent treatment so the current can flow. I personally apply a thin layer and then add a dollop on the back of my hand for easy application to sections as needed.

Fifth step:

Do my Microcurrent moves!

Here is the video to them:

Sixth step:

Apply the rest of my skincare routine (you probably don’t want to see how many steps I use) 🤣.

Seventh step:


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