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Why you need Microcurrent in your life!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Move over injections, Microccurrent is a much safer way to minimize the aging process and decrease even the deepest wrinkles.

I recently came across the following article on why you need to add Microcurrent to your skincare routine, especially if you are still continuing to get Botox injections:

Still not convinced to stop Botox even with evidence of lasting damage (atrophied muscle)? Then don’t forget to book a microcurrent facial to counteract the damage to the inevitable atrophying muscle.

“...atrophy can have a downside—which is where, for some doctors, electric facials come in. These doctors believe that, in the wrong hands over time, neurotoxins could cause the face to lose desired fullness, and so they are prescribing microcurrent as a noninvasive companion to neurotoxin injections to diminish any loss in muscle tone. In fact, dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, steers his patients away from using neurotoxins at all, believing microcurrent, plus the right diet and topicals, to be the best anti­wrinkle strategy. “

More info for you on the benefits of in spa sand home/daily microcurrent:

Microcurrent is:

-safe and effective! The only contraindication is having a pace maker or other internal electrical stimulating device. There are no side effects and it is a great alternative to Botox. It will not be as noticeably effective as Botox (unfortunately there is nothing that truly compares) but over time and consistent use, similar results will develop long term in a much healthier way. There are known and documented long term health concerns that may result from regular Botox use, so this is definitely a safer alternative to slow the aging process. (Let me know if you’d like to see a few medical journal articles on negative consequences of Botox- happy to provide.)

-stimulates ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate- the energy in skins cells) significantly. This energy naturally decreases each year in the skin as we age. This magnificent technology speeds that energy back up in sluggish skin cells which keeps our skin acting younger and younger with each treatment. Aging in reverse? Yep!

-It detoxes stagnant lymph. It basically acts to depuff inflammation and move waste under the skin. Like an instant boost to tired skin. When waste is removed it helps skin recieve nutrition better. This is why people immediately see a difference in their skin after adding in microcurrent primarily.

-It stimulates and firms facial muscles. Think of it like a person trainer for those muscles actually that fill out your face.

-Takes 5-10 min a day, is extremely comfortable and easy to use and it provides a huge boost for the shortest amount of time investment.

-a great way to counteract the negative esthetic consequences of Botox. Botox will atrophy the muscles of the face with continued use causing the face with frequent injections to look sunken and sallow over time. Microcurrent will help repair/stimulate the muscle that is essentially dying. A great thing to add even if you’re not willing to give up Botox.

-can product penetrate serums in certain circumstances for more efficacy.

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