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Why you still need that sunscreen even if you're staying inside:

Another Monday in January and another skincare myth to bust.

Myth: I don’t have to wear sunscreen in the winter because it’s cold and/or also because I don’t go outside much. (Or insert ANY other excuse here....)

Truth: If you want to slow aging and you want your skin to look its best (and be skin cancer free/healthy), you need to wear a broad spectrum, stand alone (meaning not just what’s in your makeup) SPF EVERYDAY of the year. If the sun is shining or even if it’s not, if you’re going outside or not leaving your house at all, you still need sunscreen on everyday. Period.

What’s more is UVB rays (the longer reaching ones that really cause more collagen damage) are often the strongest in winter months. Making winter one of the most important times to protect our skin with a proper sunblock. Even if you are walking by a window, your skin is getting bombarded with UV rays.

Check out this extreme example posted here. One side of this truckers face was exposed to his window (uv rays) whereas one side was facing away. While it’s an extreme example, it certainly explains clearly what UV rays can do to our skin. This damage is cumulative and even if you’re not purposely“tanning”, this often irreversible skin damage can (and will) still occur. Do note that UV rays are present even when it’s overcast, so just because you may live in a different climate than sunny CO, you still need to protect your skin.

UV damage is the NUMBER ONE cause for everything we don’t like about our aging skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, collagen damage, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, underlying redness, and uneven skin tone (to name a few). You name it, it’s probably related to sun damage.

Do not despair- There is a way to enjoy the sunshine and have beautiful skin! Find a good sunscreen that you actually like to wear and put it on 365 days a year. Simple! I prefer a physical sunscreen for my clients that’s sweat and water resistant and not a chemical sunscreen (these can cause inflammation/irritation). Reapply if you’re outside in the afternoons (quicker brush on sunscreen is great for reapplication), and for extra protection wear a hat if you’re outside often.

I 100% recommend Tizo T3 for all my clients. It’s safe for acne, sweat and water resistant, lightweight, tinted, beautifying broad spectrum coverage. It is the best sunscreen I have ever used in my 17 years as an esthetician and is not a burden to wear. I actually look forward to putting it on everyday- it acts as a makeup primer and covers up miner imperfections and prevents TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) to keep my skin hydrated and it stays put. What’s more is it won’t cause any stinging/reactions or redness in the skin unlike some chemical sunscreens. (If you prefer a mattifying sunscreen I have those too.)

Whatever you choose to use, just make sure sunblock is an incorporated daily habit, no matter what excuse there is. And no, it’s not too late.... even if the damage is there it will be made worse without daily sunscreen (some damage can be reversed but not if your skin is still being bombarded)!

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